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Photos from Tanzania (winter 2005-6)

  • Pics from our last days in Dar Es Salaam.
  • Pics from Bagamoyo.
  • Pics from Morogoro when visiting Martina and Beno.
  • Pics from Mahenge.
  • Pics from the ICG opening.
  • More pics from Ifakara.
  • Pictures of the house where Bue and his family was staying and where my family were visiting in 1988.
  • Pics of Bue and Elias.
  • Visiting Bethlehem center in Ifakara. A center for handicapped children.
  • Pictures from the school for handicapped children in Idete.
  • Different pics from Ifakara.
  • Adolfine and her children.
  • Pictures from the trip to Dar es Salaam and our5 first visit.
  • Celebrating Christmas in Tanzania.
  • A band singing for God on the street in Arusha.
  • Pictures of the lovely kids in Usa River.
  • A beautiful walk to a waterfall near Arusha.
  • Ghosts at the guesthouse. (playing with my Canon).
  • The first week in Tanzania. Landing in Nairobi and going to Usa River Childcare center. Also visiting Fabiano.