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Packinglist Tanzania (winter 2005-6)


Visa card
(Very practical, but can only be used in the biggest cities like Dar es Salaam and Arusha)

Travelers Cheques
(I bought them in an exchange shop (Forex) instead of the bank. Faster and cheaper - they make them while you wait. T.C.'s can be used in monst banks and exchange-shops in TZ. Remember reseat with serial numbers.)

Reseats for expensive equipment
(In the border-custom they can ask you for this to be sure you'r not trying to smuggle the goods.)

Insurance papers
(I bought a health insurance with Europæiske Rejseforsikring - European Travel insurance)


"The Bible"
(I bought it on the trip)

"Der Kleine Prinz"
"English Dictionary (Oxford pocket-size)"
(I bought it on the trip)

"English-Swahili phrasebook"
(from Lonely Planet)

Tanzania map
(I bought it in Denmark - very expensive. It is possible to get maps a few places in TZ.)

Calendar / diary for 2006. Drawing book and notebooks.


USB Memorysticks with program installation files and homepage files.
CD-rom with program installation files.
Floppy disc.
Addresses and phonenumbers.
Drivers license
Empty CD's
Pensils and crayons.

Technical aquipment

Video camcorder (Canon MVi5MC)
Reflex Camera (Canon EOS 300D)
Mini Disc sound recorder (Sony)
Microphone (Sony)
Photobank 40GB (X's Drive Pro VP3310)
Mp3 player/memorystick 256Mb.
Mobile phone (Nokia)
Batteries, tapes, discs, memorycards, cables, adaptors, tripod, earphones, driver installation cd's etc.


Trousers (2)
Shorts (2)
T-shirts (4)
Underwear/swimming shorts (6)
Socks (5)
Hat (1)
Belt (1)
Long sleave shirt (2)
Short sleave shirt (1)
Shoes (1 pair)
(Though this is mostly just a heavy thing to carry around in such a hot place, but I think it is nice to be able to wear shoes once in a while)

Sandals (1 pair)

Practical gadgets

Pocket knifes (2)
Flashlights (2)
String (50 m)
Gaffa tape

Other stuff I'm carying

Backpack (liters?????)
Small rucksack
(Very important when going by public transport to have the values with you. You'll never know where they put your big bag...)

Xaphoon (instrument)
Mouth harmonica
Drinking bottle
(Very unnecessary as we are buying water in plastic-bottles all the time.)

Various gifts


Mosquito net (6x6 feet)
(I bought it in TZ for about 4 USD. - a lot cheaper than I could get it in Denmark. They are available everywhere.)

Mosquito spray
Plastic shaver and gell

Stuff I should have brought

International drivers license
(Get it at the police station - around 4 USD.)

Memory card reader