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Diary from before 2005

12/11/04 - 4:11PM - MAIN-LIBRARY - CPH - DENMARK

I havnt found job yet

I havnt found job yet. Searching. Three meeting on monday.
Im happy.

Got mail from Takato with a picture of the playground in the autumn scenery. (I put it with the other playground pics - Click HERE

12/11/04 – 3:02AM – EISBÄR – CPH – DENMARK

A beautiful night at Christiania

I just returned from a beautiful night at Christiania.
My friend RA had told me there should be some sort of performances at Operaen (The Opera) – I went.
I paid 40 Kr. for the entree, 20 for a beer and sad down on the floor in front a sofa with RA – she was happy, and some of her friends. They were sharing a glass of redwine (20 kr).
The place is like a huge living room; sofas everywhere, small tables with chairs, the bar with the beautiful Finnish bartender and then the stage with the red velvet curtains. People in so many shapes but they were all smiling.
The band is playing some lyric-rock: Great music background to a very energetic guy who’s reading some crazy lyrics.
I’m sitting somewhere else now. Suddenly RA appears to my sight and drowns the music with the fantastic news – she has this friend (I meet X) who’s looking for someone to move in on her flat! The thing is that I want to move away from the ship (many reasons), but I’ve only done little to find something else. I fell so lucky – it just comes!
A crazy band started playing and we were jumping around in front of the stage for about 30 minutes.
The clowns, the poets, Mozart, the frozen ballet-princess and many more took the stage and we were taken away by their energy. The political guy who later sings in Music-Mafia, the poor girl who’s tight to a chair but in supple dance writhes out of her imprisonment and the young guy who makes incredible shapes with his legs while he’s doing handstand.
I meet M whom I started to meet pretty often when I come around the free-town. I went to school with the little female mushroom. From her f-friend I get kind of an offer on a flat in downtown CPH! This was actually the third place I got told about on this evening which is crazy in this city of home-seeking people.
Music-Mafia goes on and blows people around on the floor with some anarchist punk-rock orgy.
Christiania in losing its ideas and visions as they were in the beginning in the seventies, but no matter what reasons the government uses to explain why they want this oasis removed it’s a view from people who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘joy’. What is more important than that?
The time’s 3:25AM and I’m off to bed.
Night night

25/10/04 - 04:01PM - Islands Brygge Library - Copenahagen - Denmark

New pics

Pics of Erik Riis and Jørgen Lassen recording the last track for Erik's coming CD: "Undskyld, må jeg bryde ind her?".
Click HERE!!

24/10/04 - 03:07AM - Snekkersten - Denmark

Pictures from the boat!

I just uploaded some pics from the day my farther and sister took me and my stuff to copenhagen and I moved in on Eisbär. Look at the 17 pictures HERE or in the 'Other'-tab.


In town with mamma

My mother Marianne and her boyfriend Mogens came to visit me yesterday. We had such a great evening and night. The three of us and Jais was exploring Christiania famous restaurant: SpiseLoppen - wow GOOD fish! And after that we were hanging around in the same place as Torkil and I was playing the other day. The vibes was good and we had some great conversations supported by a little of the popular herbs... Thats the first time I try that with mamma - and we had a good night!
We got home to the boat by 3-4 o'clock :)


The job

I didnt get it.

28/10/04 - 02:20PM - Islands Brygge Library - Copenhagen - Denmark

The power of Copenhagen

Wow - there is so much happening in this city!! Im started to make a list of all the places where there is jams and live-music - there's lots! Yesterday I was visiting Mojo where they play blues everyday all year long. On Thursdays (Yesterday) its jam-evening and I joined the the cool muscicians on my violin - !!!!



I just returned from a meeting with my hopefully future job. Its an institution with 8 autistic patients. Im applying for the job as nightwatch and Ill get reply later today so Im a bit exited..!

19/10/04 - 05:07PM - Cabin 14 - Eisbär - Copenhagen - Denmark

"Brothers By Nose" on tour

Aaaah a sunny day - I missed the light! We have had rain for the last 3 days...
There's two guys on the port outside my window recording something on video...
Listening to Allan Olsen - good guy I found out ... today.
There is 10 empty bottles of redwine on the floor, Im gonna trash them later.
Thinking of taking a swim, but maybe Im a chicken.
I had Thorkil visiting me this weekend. We had one of our great tours around the streets playing music for our audience. It was a little hard to find them though - not as the small towns we used to cruise... We use to walk into some nice little bar, ask the bartender if we can play, he says yes, and we give the customers a bite of the amazing spontaneous energy that we - Brothers by Nose - reaches on these tours. We use to wear red noses (look at our homepage - Im updating it at the moment) - it gives us such a kick, but we have both lost the noses... Copenhagen wasn't as nice when we entered the bars. What I understood is that there is some kind of a rule against not-planned live-music because of the noise... Well we found some audience on the streets and we entered a bar playing and not asking - two or three tunes and we got 60-70 kr (10 Dollar) - yes!
The evening was beautiful after all. We ended at Christiania in some place which name I dont know, but there was some africans playing the drums, and some women were shaking there bodies with the rhythm - so good vibes! After the show Brother by Nose got a shot and we played 3-4 songs with lots of success.  I thought about it afterwards, how we suddenly felt so much more into this new place after playing there. We came to a place, board a beer, looked at people who were strangers. We got invited to the stage and suddenly we kind of knew everybody. We got in conversation with the nicest people and yes of coarse we had a funny cigarette. I got a lot of ideas and bla bla bla and then before we left we had an excellent jam in E and A. Thorkil was playing the violin and I the guitar.
We took the city-bikes to the boat at crashed just before sunrise.

17/10/04 - Eisbär - Islands Brygge - Cph. - Denmark

My ship

I'm moved into my boat three days ago. Eisbär is its name. I have a small cabin with two berths, a small table, 3 square meters floor space and a porthole just big enough to put my head out. I decorated it very nice I think - very "hyggeligt" (unique Danish word related to the English words: ambiance, cosy or 'good vibes')!
Eisbär is a german ship from the fifties used in the harbour to monitor who's coming in and out - yes, a spy-ship! They used some kind of listening boxes which they dropped in the water, I dont know how it works. Today Eisbär has had its last trip on the big oceans and is slowly reaching the day of its doomsday . We live now fife people on the ship. My good friend from Aarhus, Jais, moved in when he heard he could get a place also. Im happy that I have him because the rest of the crew can be a little to much... 10,3 % beers in the morning is the style and what they have except from the drunken jokes which is being repeated endlessly. I cant find out what of all that crap is true and should be listened to...

Erik Riis: "I like it much better, when you lie like this"

The crazy music genius Erik Riis can soon sell out two CD's with his own songs. Erik has bin a friend of my parents for years and I asked him if we could make a recording of his songs that we have enjoyed so many times. We spend 4 days recording the 17 tracks. Alexander who I met in Goa earlier this year is a good friend of Erik and he was backing up with flute and mouth-organ.
We had such good days and I felt proud of helping this little man getting his songs immortal. I was so happy being with him when he told stories about his indescribable passion the female sex and the dramas of joy and sadness that has created his unique lyrics.
In the next days Ill be mixing the tracks to burn a CD and then Ill continue creating the cover booklet with lyrics. Later we'll work on a supporting booklet with notes and chords on print and on a homepage.
The title of this chapter is the translation of the name of the second CD. All his lyrics is in Danish.

27/09/04 - Gl. Gjesing - Skanderborg kommune - Jylland- Denmark

Fest (Danish)

Dejlig fest!!! Det var saa skoent at se hele min dejlige familie ... og andre tosser! Min far blev 60 - JUHUUU!


I'm with you again (Eng)

I've got my new mobile-phone so you can now contact me again. My number is as it use to be (+45) 40 97 63 17 - call me!


The boat - I'm moving to the capital! (Eng)

Ok Im not moved yet, but I finally talked to the guy who owns the ship on Islands Brygge where Im gonna move sometime in October. The deal is confirmed - yaha! I've thought about moving to Copenhagen many times so I think its about time now. Come visit me if you're in the area ;)

21/09/04 - Gl.Gjesing - Denmark

Failed surprise (Eng)

My farther Svend's 60 year old birthday the 23. this month caused my little lie about my arrival in Denmark. I told you on this page that I would arrive the 25. but lied because I wanted to surprise my farther on the big day. I was hiding at my mothers house in Granaa, but of coarse it came out and I found out that in a matter keeping secrets I don’t have any (almost) friends og family who actually is able to keep a secret, except from ... MY DOG Buller! He didn’t tell my farther anything even that they live together in the same house!
I decided not to hide anymore and Im now sitting in Svend and Christels house searching the web for jobs. (I’m searching in Copenhagen)


Strange zen

Well I’m gonna catch up with my last days in Japan and the mighty capital.
Brigitte and I hitched the 150 km to Tokyo the 9th (I think..). We had got a contact to Zen Buddhist temple in the suburb Shimotakaido where we could stay (for free!). It was very sweet people who was welcoming us, but the vibes got so strange after just a few hours. We couldn’t really find out how they wanted us at this place and which rules we was "suppose to follow". It was like they was pretending - making a surface - like they were in total come and so on. Its hard to explain but felt strange.
Well we were joining them for the evening and morning chant and meditation sessions but decided to leave and spend the last days in freedom - that’s how it felt.


The 10th was obviously a celebration-day!

Brigitte had an airplane home on the 11th and I the 13th so the 10th was obviously a party day! We met up with our Takato-friend Stechan from Canada and had a lot of the national drinks Chu-Hi and the cheap beers that they dont call beer. Chu-Hi is a drink like Bacardi Breezer but in a cheaper version and with 6 or 7% alcohol. (The beers that they don’t call beer contains 5.5%)
We were fooling around all night in the Roppongi district where the street is one big party all night long - everyday! We ended up falling to sleep on a roof about sunrise and woke up a few hours later when police-helicopters was waking us up and we decided to find some breakfast.
Brigitte flew home in the afternoon.


My friend Abdul Satar died the 17. August - 43 years old

After waving goodbye I went into some computer shop to check my email (a good place for a quick free check). I’ve got a mail from Hasina in Goa. I was so happy to see her name on my inbox, but when I read her words I was…
I don’t know how to express this sad feeling that hit me. If you have bin following this diary you’ll know that Abdul and the family was close friends to Alexander, Rose and me. Read Abduls wife Hasina’s words:


Dato: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 02:05:50 -0700 (PDT)
Fra: abdul Satar <>
Emne: N/A
dear kristen,
i am hasina from baga beach (abdul`s wife). how are you?. i hope u will be fine there. i am very sorry to late to wright a letter to u becoz i am in big trouble here. Mr abdul is not more ,he dead 17th august. he was in hospital for stomache ache, they did 2 operation,but all failed .
another side tourist police broken my shop now they not giving to put the shop again.
how i do know wat i ve to do , me and my 2 children fallen in too big trouble..and how thsi message pass to yours father.i am waiting for ur `s reply.
yours faithfully,
hasina abdul,
baga beach.

(Hasina don’t know English that well so I figure she have had someone to help her in the internetcafe)

I made a reply to Hasina asking her more specific what her situation is and how she is going to use the 1000 DDK that Alexander just transferred to their account.
Maybe Ill ask around and collect a little money for the poor 24 year old mother and her beautiful kids…

May you rest in peace dear Abdul

08/09/04 - Earth Embassy - Narusawa and Mt. Fuji - Japan

Nice view for writing

Mt. Fuji is the view Ive got behind this computer screen. I arrived to this beautyfull place two days ago. I met up with my new Australian friend Brigitte who I met at the farm in Takato. We are having a great time! Just returned from a night-swim in the nearby lake aaaah...

I just put some pics from the playground that we was working on in Takato look HERE Also an idea that Ive wanted to doo long time ago but didnt have time for - a fact page to get a overview of this pretty messy presentation of my travel. I wrote a bit about the three explored countries like a guide but is still working on it. Take a look HERE

03/09/04 - Takato Library - Japan


Im back in the house. My playground is almost finish and Im gonna move to Tokyo soon. First, I found out,  I will visit the Earth Embassy Guesthouse ( near Mt. Fuji. Some hippies I think. My camera is fuck'd but Ill try to borrow a camera to take a picture of the playground that I have bin working on for some time - its great. Im walking around imagining building my own house.


31/08/04 - Takato - Japan

The celebration of Gaia

Wow too much has happened. Visiting my sister and her lovely family. Joining the Earth Celebration on Sado-island where the famous KODO drummers was playing one night and the next night a gypsy brass band from Romania was blasting the crowd with joy, excitement  and dance!

I was camping with some very good people from Tokyo for some days after the Celebration and the I went of to the mainland. I found a beautyfull natural Onsen (hot spring) in the mountain where I spend some hours and then went on to Nagano city where I slept under a staircase on some cardbord. This was after jamming with some young people in a bar where I got beer and spaghetti bolognaise - mmm!


Caught by the vibes

Standing somewhere on the highway in Matsumoto, creating the kanjis (japanese characters) saying Takato. A cool black car pulls up and a young man is asking me if I smoke... I say I do and jumps into his car to his place near by where we enjoy and plays music. Hes guitarplayer in a punk-rock band. We are spending a nice day together with very primitive conversation but strong mind connection. I slept on the floor.

I kind of wanted to go to Takato as my plan was, but my new friend gets a call about a party in the mountain. I like mountains and I like the guy whos inviting me to join him so I do. First we go to a live concert (free entry because "we" knows people) where young people are jumping around on a small stage in a dark room in huge anger I think screaming and making noise with their amps. We, the crowd, are standing cool but interested - listening. This is a punk concert. Well after this interesting experience we jump into the big black and drives to the mountain where a beautiful place is meeting us. Red Indian tippies and camping tents, electronic chillout music is playing, a laid back vibration rests in the trees and we fall in love. We thought we was gonna stay for the night only, but the place wasnt to leave. We got caught by the vibes and the music and we didnt leave before this morning after 3 days. My good friend took me to my spot where he picked me up and I hitched here to Takato where Im gonna stay for some few days before I hit new adventures and TOKYO. 

16/08/04 - Nagoya - Japan

On the road again!

I left Takato and the nice people the 13th with another wwoofer. Him and some of his gainjin-friends went to this swimming-hole in Komagane with a 3 meter high cliff for jumping in the clear water - SUPERASHI. We had barbeque with lots of MEAT - aaaaa!
They left in the afternoon and I stayed on the rock where I made myself a fire and slept under the shining stars.
The next day I hitched with a beautiful japanese couple all the way to my destination Nagoya where they gave me shelter, an oishi (delicious) dinner and internetaccess! They were so sweet, board me a huge sketch-book for writing hitching signs (in japanese, he he!).

Well, yesterday I was walking around in Nagoya and I asked this young man direction, we started chatting and I ended up going with him to his apartment where we drank lots of Sake, Chochu and beers followed by some NICE food - such a great guy. He also showed me arround in the Osu-area - my paradise - I havn't seen so much technical stuff ever at one place. DVD-players, cameras, cables and computers and strange solutions for the very convenient people - the japanese. They need a solution for everything! I got me a little radio transmitter that makes it possible to send a signal to a normal radio from my MiniDisc - SUGOI!

Today Im gonna visit my japanese sister who I met in New Zealand last year so thats gonna be fun - see ya!

15/08/04 - Nagoya - Japan

New pics

I uploaded pictures from Takato! Look at the HERE!

06/08/04 - Takato - Japan

Like a dead body

Yesterday after the days sweathut I threw myself in the river, dizzy and very dirty but with a smell of peppermint from the garden - it is the BEST feeling! Your body is so relaxed and comfortable in the cold water, I didnt feel cold. I was like a dead body drifting with the current and caught by some rocks. My face was against the bottom but this is what surprised me so much - it wasnt a problem! Normaly I have this desire far breathing all the time, but when I was lying there I didnt have that desire, I just enjoyed the equalizing process after some very hot 20 minutes in hour little hut which is build on the rocks 50 cm from the stream. After some time in this position (as a dead body) I decidet to return to the surface and breath. I still didnt feel the need for air, I just thought that it might be a good time...  



The other day an Australian girl from the farm and I took the bicycles and went down the mountain. We found a bakery and got some good stuff (its amazing how you can miss food)! We asked the bakery ladies which way we should go to find the library in Takato. Even the business was good that day, four of the ladies had time to show us and explain (in Japanese) with a map they found for us it the back (we could bring it). We jumped on our bikes and took of in the rain which just started. We didnt made more than a few meters before one of the bakery ladies stoped us from her pickup-truck and insisted on driving us (and our bicycles) to the library which she did.

We did our e-mail stuff and went out to find the way back to the farm. I thought I could find the shorter way, but I mixed it up and we were kind of lost. We got close to dinner time. We asked some ladies and some kids in the side of the road if they possibly knew our host at the farm Takako and her child Shinky and YES, one of the ladies could speak a little english and was pleased to take us in her pickup back home! Well first they offered us tea and snacks on the walkway - watermelon mmmm. They were so nice and we learned the word superashi which means wonderful.


Festival in Takato

On saturday there was festival in the town. We, the young people from the farm, had talked and planned some drinking for days and at last we got our chance! They are so good people my new friends from Canada, Australia and USA and I enjoy learning some english. As I told them your english gets worse and worse being in countries where you have to speak easy-english so they understand you, but now I get some new words everyday I think - in English and Japanese - SUPERASHI! Well, the festival was amazing, there were free Sake (the Japanese speciality - a little stronger than wine) on the street and I used it and got very drunk and wow I enjoyed. There where dancing up and down the street with all the locals transported to the little town with special free busses. We enjoyed!


HEY HO STOP - jeg kommer hjem!

This is a little alert from me to my friends in copenhagen - in Danish:

Kaere I jeg har besluttet at flytte til Koebenhavn naar jeg vender hjem. Jeg har nydt byen til fulde naar jeg har besoegt jer og synes at nu er tiden til at bo der. Jeg vender hjem i Slutningen af September og vil derfra forsoege saa hurtigt saa muligt at finde noget at bo i saa i maa hellere end gerne sende mig et praj hvis i opsnapper et rygte om et billigt vaerrelse eller noget... Tak ;)

(English: I asked them if they will look out for a cheap flat in Copenhagen where I decided to move when i return in the end of September)


Just short

Im having the best time with the nicest people. Swimming in the river everyday, made a sweat-lodge (DK: svedhytte), eating the best and most healthy food and playing music by the fire. Im gonna stay here in Takato till August beginning. You can reach me on phone-number: (0)265945027 (from out of Japan dial 0081 followed by the number - without the first '0' - zero). Peace!


Here we/I am in - JAPAN!

At last Ive got internetacces and made time for writing a little about our time here in Japan. Rose went back home to Denmark yesterday - we had a crying goodbye at the busstation in Karuizawa. Ill miss you babe - hope youll get home safely and have a good time! Enjoy the food for me too!

Well Im sitting by a 30 cm tall table on the floor, writing my book, had an amazing 100% organic Japanese lunch after a few hours in the hot sun, weeding one of the small gardens which sorounds the house and gives us our daily meals. We are about 13 people doing volentier work at this wonderfull place in the hills a few hours from Tokyo. The only thing I need here is internet-acces which I have to go far to get.

I arrived yesterday after 3-4 hours drive by hitchiking. I have bin exited to find out how this country would be on the road and I must say that I find it very easy! It has bin a huge contrast coming to this completely different country after spending 5 month in such poor countries as Nepal and India where (especialy India) was without order in anything. Here everything is in order and system. Even small streams here in the country side is fully controlled in cemented ditches!  I remember to put my slippers on before I make my toes dirty when I go outside - when I forget the sweet japanese jumps a few inches in shock - he he - I havnt had so white and clean feet for month!

Here is what Rose and I did since we left you in India:

! Spend a night and a day in Narita airport trying to find a place to go - a wwoof-farm. (There is free internet at Starbucks Coffee in the departure hall)

! Sleeping on a playground in Narita Town. A woman saw us from her window and gave us melon and japanese style handfans...!

!Sleeping in the famous tempel-park in Narita Town. This is where I was camping with Bue and Christian in April last year. (Bue and I had a 5 days stopover in Japan after 3-4 month in Australia and New Zealand). Ill put some pictures as soon as I get cheap Internet acces.

! Camping in a rich familys garden.

! Found a farm 4 hours from Tokyo and Narita where we was working and got food and accomodation. (That is the principal of wwoofing)

Im out of time and must leave. Ciao and hopefully see you soon!

12/07/04 - "Hello and goodbye from Rose:

I just want to say goodbye I am going home wednesday.I have had a wonderfull time in
Japan and of caurse in Nepal. I have connected with some great people here in Japan
who will visit me for christmas in Denmark.
I have had a wonderfull time- good and bad- but I have learned a lot from it, I have
had enough excperiences for now, but i am sad too leave kristen and if I had any
money left I think I would stay...but No  I have too go home and face the bank and
drink a lot of cheap whiskey from FAKTA

Lots of love and good jeourney Bobo

Saron rose"

30/06/04 - GOODBYE INDIA - We are now back in Delhi where we had the worse nightmare last time we arrived, but this time we are in good hands. On the trainstation by the Nepali border we met our new good friend Dev who invited us to his second home by his brother here in the middle of the enormous city. The family are Sikks - following the Sikkism religion which we are introduced to and started to get the idea of. It is conected to the Hinduism, but they have a more direct communication line to the almighty - through their teachers. Dev's brother is the main priest in the temple he himselves and his wife and kids live in. This is where we slept and had the best indian dinner yesterday after a 15 hour train trip. I am so happy for these people and I already look forward to visit them again. We are leaving this evening - 5 min past midnight (Indian time) so Im very happy to say goodbye to the country with a possitive view on the country that has given us so many impressions - good and bad. The crowd has bin tough to us and we have had what is close to a hate against some of the people we have met on the way. We have met recesism against the white skin, but we have also met kindness and curiosity in huge doses. Yesterday in the train a young man asked us for our authographs like we where movie-stars or something. I have discovered the resault of the big economichal difference which is is a big big factor in the picture Ive got. The way you meet people whether they are businness-people or friends there will always be some kind of distance that I dont find when I travel in countries similar to Denmark (Europe, Australia and New Zealand). It has bin hard to understand that it is so meaningful when it comes to friendship. It is not that your friends are interested in your money, but that they see the friendship to a guy from Europe (and especially Denmark) as beeing friends with a movie-star, they are so proud that you cannot feel totaly relexed and comftable in their company like you can with what I call real friends bacause they make the distance in treating you as you where better than they. Ofcoarse this is not everybody we've met, but it is a big factor.

The relegion, the Hinduism has bin so interesting to learn about. I have even bin reading books about the amazing relegion because I got so interested seeing all these signs and peoples belive in the Gods. I think Hinduism does a lot of good things to the people because it tells them good and bad and they dont ask questions but listen. I'll miss the small shrines in the busses and on the housewalls. The last thing I'll mention before leaving with Dev and Rose on some sightseeing in the city is the music and the movies. I love the music and I love the scenes in the movies with dance. The filmindutri in India is the biggest in the world but... Dev and Rose are rushing me and I have to go. His friend is waiting in the car and I stop here. GODBYE INDIA!

Diary from India can be found HERE

30/01/04 - The new layout is done!!! YAAHOOOO!!

26/01/04 - I'm on my way.
In a short time I'll be running around exploring areas the like of which I havn't seen before. Living with totally different people around me than what I have done before. I'll be living another life!
I'm restless in these days. Worries about all the things I wanna finish before leaving. I miss the simple life - traveling. Carrying all your material needs for surviving, only depended of whats around you in the moment! Your mind opens for greater experiences and inputs. You are doing things that could have bin experienced at home, but when you are so far from your usual settings your view and creativity expands and develop.

The filmproject is a big thing for me. It means a lot that we make a good program. It has bin a little hard to find out what we really wanted to tell about. We started playing with the idea just bringing the camera, finding the stories on the way and make a show down there and maybe send it back to Denmark for broadcasting on local tv, but after some thoughts and inputs from friends we made other "plans". We are not bringing my laptop as we thought about - editing on location would be a wast of time. The material will be enormous if we dont know exactly what to shoot, so we have bin puzzling with different ideas and finaly we found a subject that we both have interest in and really are suitable for the destination. We wanna look into superstition and belief in supernatural phenomenons and forces. We havent clarified more, but I really think this is an interesting thing to dig in and Saron is the same way. We have the bonus that we have different views on this cind of stuff. Saron is a believer... She must tell you herself what she beliefs in but its clear that I'm more sceptical. I think this is a good combination so we can get different views and ideas to the story. We've decidet not to make a series of travel-programs, but instead one deeper story. We wants to make a film getting the information and material through intiment contact with people instead of a to journalistic way - if possible... I think its a difficould task, but I also think that both Saron and I have good qualities in getting close to people. Its gonna be soo intersting and I look forward to get started!

24/01/04 - SKB/ After CPH I went to Svendborg visiting Saron again. We had one very dramatical evening wich turned out beeing soo good for our relationship. U lern so much about eachother in those kind of dilemas. I dont want to share the specifics - sorry.. We had some very good days toghther - realy started to know eachother better - its so nice! She went with me to SKB and we got our last vaccine.

I bought some army-gear for the trip in Army-varer in Assens ( Great stuff! I got a sleeping bag, a bagpack and some other quality armystuff.

16/01/04 - COPENHAGEN/ Sitting on the floor - still a bit stoned from the joint. RA has gone to bed - we had a great jam!! S.NA played the metal-flute (oeoeoe... tvaerfloejte), RA played the melodika (small plastic-blow-piNO ). I played western guitar. It was great to sing all the old songs.. - to use my voice. I dont play guitar as much as I did - the violin has taken over for a period, I think... I think we all had a great evening - amazingly jam´s (The joint was earlier... In a wagon on weels (husvogn) - we smoked with a nice guy Farther T. His 2½ year old baby was the dictator of the evening. The sweet girl made us perform a play with her dolls. Farther T and I got totaly into this! (This is happening FEW moments after the joint...) The girls, RA and S.NA, liked it and and RA gave us the idea making TV for children! I think its brilliant and I´m thinking seriously about experimeting with that - BOERNE TV - I think I would be good at that, because I could make all crazy ideas and I like the audience!!! Intersting it is.. We actually agreed meeting the day before we leave because I´ll be in CPH again at that time anyway

I came here wed the14/1. Hitched with a couple of guys who were going to a demontonstration for Ungdomsuset (a house for young people. Many anarchistik black-dressed kids). I joined them. It turned out being a very crazy and intersting night! We were maybe 500 young people making lots of noise, fireing rockets, playing music, screaming anarchistic fuck-you speeches. The police was in uniforms with helmets and ugly stone faces! Suddently they were all arround us and somebody got arrested and some just argued with the gorillas . I think the way these guys are yelling theire opinion is absurd! Nobady would take these people serious... But, I like them and I think they have theire right to keep the house which have many arrangements - artists of many kinds! I liked the demonstration with several reasons. I like the feeling blocking the whole street having the power over the police - the system!! It made me start thinking more about politic than it has don before. I have wanted it for long time, but just didnt had the deep interest, but now I feel I want to know some more - it great! I really hope it will continue so I can catch up with the world-situation - which is totaly on the wrong track in my eyes, in many eyes I think... mmm............... mmm.....................mmm - FOOD! I just had some more of the Thai food we got for dinner - vegetarian of coarse..

I´m thinking of the new layout on the webpage. I think I found out what I like, are able to make and have the oportunity to edit on our travel. Now I´ll go to bed in a huge couch preparing my trip to Svendborg tomorrow - are gonna meet Thorkil there and we are gonna busk around in the pubs, making happynes, beers and some cash... Like in old days - thats the best!!!!!!!!

14/01/04 - Oh Im close! Im working on a new layout for this page - you can get a preview here: (doesnt work anymore-30/01/04)

13/01/04 - I'm starting to get a overview of the last days here in Denmark - its actualy very few... Im using my days doing a lot of practical stuff that I want to get done before leaving. I have bin working on puting my old project "Den Sorte Sangbog" on this site. So many people askes for it so now u have the chance - in very few days I hope... The filmproject that Saron and I are going to make on our trip means a lot to me and I think as it looks now it's not planed good enough. It is very hard for us because we both just wants to go on adventures and find the stories on the way, but it isnt that easy I think... To get all the pictures we need and to get some kind of a trace in the mess we have to have some guidelines . . . my head needs a solution before we leave.

Woops I fogot: This page is now possible to find on Google search engine!!!!!!!!! After a half a year I think its now possible to write my name and zap- theres my page!

07/01/04 - Saron is HERE NOW!!!

02/01/04 - Yes

01/01/04 - H A P P Y N E W Y E A R ! ! !

24/12/03 - Halleluja! I was at my farthers place celebrating with family. We were 15 people. I got some great stuff and it seemed like the hard-work-finding presents was a succes, so it was a nice evening and VERY nice to get over... Christmas can be a little enoying. To many things seemes fake because of old tradisions and stuff. In this country everybody writes lists for eachother so they now what to buy (Unfortunately I think its pretty comon in many contries) I think that smells!

22-24/12/03 - I hitched to Svendborg and the lovely Saron. I really enjoyed these days and we are still geting closer, but still with the opinion that we dont want to put limits on eachother. A very interesting subject I think because I slowly realize that this is impossible.

21/12/03 - Christmas with my mother in Grenaa.

17/12/03 - Happy birthday sis Anna (and Bjorn + Ditte)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16/12/03 - YES! - Saron and I booked flighttickets for India, Thailand and Japan. Leaving Copenhagen 5. February 04. We found very cheap tickets at Kilroy-travels (

14/12/03 - Uhmmm I feel... tired.. 8 days off work, (men jeg brugte dem godt). I've bin in Copenhagen for some days. I visited friends and family - good moments! Played a little julemusik with my friend from Steiner-school Charlotte inside a supermarket (we both played violin) = about 200 kr / 1½ hour.

After CPH I went to Svendborg visiting Saron (jeg blaffede forbi Roskilde og fik min groenne floejlsjakke tilbage - YES det var dejligt at gense den- glemte den til bryllup i September). It tourned out beeing 3 very interesting days. Our relationship got a new twist in a way... I dont no what to write on this page, I'll not make it too personal... Should I? Why? Why not? What do you actually think about this diary-thing? Write me a message! (make it ananymous if u like). Lets just say that we are lerning to know eachother and find good things!

Back to Svendborg: I also visited Thorkil in Ollerup and we had a great 1½-hour concert in a omklaedningsrum (a room vere you change cloth after sportsactivities) - the best sound with two violins and a candlelight. Unfortunately there was no audiens, but maybe that was the best for the sound...

05/12/03 - (3.39 AM) Swimming in Skanderborg lake with girl named Synne. She was the toughest again.. (We try to swim once a week - ITS SOOO GOOD)

04/12/03 - TILLYKKE ANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hun har faaet koerekort idag) (This ment: Congratulations Anna (shes my sis and shes just got her driverslicence today))

04/12/03 - Hm Damn Im tired... (about 4.48 AM) Siting on work... Have just bin some days in Svendborg visiting Saron. We had some very good days together. Think we had some good agreements about the trip and the documentary we are gonna make. She's so lovely!

29/11/03 - Visiting my old shool til basar! Det var herligt at gense de gamle bygninger!

24/11/03 - In Grenaa helping my sister repairing something...

21/11/03 - Nenagh Street party!!! Yes!!

15/11/03 - From this day ill start writing some of these notes in Danish. Fra denne dag vil jeg begynde at skrive nogle af disse noter paa dansk, dog uden ae, oe og aa... Idag aad jeg nemlig flaeskesteg!

08/11/03 - Thorkil, Anna and I played in Bruuns Galleri café. We call ourselves in Danish: "GoeglerGeist med A". (We dont have an english name)

Anna and I (Vi-hang-ved-samme-pat-jam-band) played in the concert hall Aarhus (Musikhuset).

06/11/03 - Yuuubeeeee!!! My mothers homepage is now uploadet! Look at it here:

Saron and I have talked about making a TV-program while we are traveling. I just board a labtop PC where it will be possible to edit a show maybe every week (or 2nd) and send it to a Danish TV-channel. I like the idea because it will make the jurney more serious in stead of just traveling arround whatching. We will be a part of the inviroment because we have something to offer. When I was traveling earlyer I realy enjoyed playing guitar on the street because I felt less one of the thousand turists arround me.

01/11/03 - Puha - Im a busy man at the time... Im using time on my new laptop pc, editing a documentary for local TV, playing music when I can get the time.. I feel everytime I play the violin that I get better - its a very good feeling - even if I havent played for some days!! Tonight I just found out that I have to take my bike in the rain and dark bacause theres no busses on saturdays - damnit!

By the way - THIS PAGE REALY NEEDS TO GET A NEW LAYOUT! Ive got very tired of this and just need time...

I made my mothers homepage finished, but I couldnt upload it - dont know why...

13/10/03 - Some great days has past my life!!! A friend and I had jam-sessions in a nother friends small "toy-house". I played violin and he played guitar. Mostly blues tunes with a lot of impro! We was recording about 90 min on MiniDisc - havent heard it yet.

Bin in Hobro visiting family. Allso visited a good friend that I havent seen for a looong time. Ditte and I had some very nice days together and I think Ill see some more to that girl in the future - hope so ;)

05/10/03 - WOW long time since last update... I have bin working a lot. A couple of days ago I was in Svendborg visiting some friends - one of them the girl, Saron, that I will go to Japan with - very sweet lady! I also met up with Thorkil. We ( both had our violins with us so we played for about an hour on the mainstreet in Svendborg. It was awesome to play with Busker T again - allmost all the songs we played was first-time-experience-together-songs and the "crowd" seemed to like it - WE DID!... (We got 160 DDK)

13/09/03 - I was at my cousin Soerens wedding in Copenhagen. Her name is Helle and she's a stewardesse - good job cousin! (He's a pilot)

08/09/03 - I got the developed the pictures from Christiania!! I was a little disapointed of the results, but of-coarse Im not profesional (yet...). Anyway there was a lot of great pictures between. I'll put some of them on this page when I get time. I'm trying to start a new layout with use of more features available. Its interesting but so many things are so I dont have much time in the moment.

Right now Im sitting in the "media-house" - Pappagallo ( Great people and soon... FOOD! Later we are gonna play some music I think ;)

Played guitar and (for the first time on the street -) mouth-harmonica the other day about 8-9 o'clock pm. It was great succes - people loved it and gave me 192.50 DDK!

Played again on Clemens Bro (Aarhus) today on my violin plugged to my wireless-amp. - sounds so great!

29-31/08/03 - Ill vent to Copenhagen and joined the Save Chritiania ( arrangement. It was so great!!! The speeches and music on the stage by Christiansborg was great and the party afterwards in Christiania was amazing!! So many great muscisians in fabulous concerts!! I didnt play very much on my violin because I was totaly absorbed in taking photographs with my Minolta reflex camera! I took about 180 pictures in this weekend! I haven't realy used this camera before, but I liked it so much that Im started thinking about starting on the Danish School of Journalism ( on the photo line. It was a great weekend - I met so many people that I know from the whole country and especially people from the Busker Gathering in the beginning of the month. ps. I'll ofcoarse put some of the pictures on the site ;-)

26/08/03 - Im surprisingly very happy for my new job. Its actualy nice to do something, especially because this job is helping people who realy need it!! Its an instutution for mentally disabled people. The house Im working in is called The-one-man-project because every 5 persons have one pedagog each (in the daytime - Im alone in the night/morning ouhrs).

25/08/03 - Today Im starting to work on Soelund in Skanderborg ( My working days are very random so its hard to tell when Im on and off... Most of the time Ill be working at night. This job will proberbly make this diary a little boring in the next month. Homepage updated.

23/08/03 - I had a gardenparty in Gl.Gjesing. I think we was about 25 people. It was great!

22/08/03 - I was at the Aarhus Filmby opening

19/08/03 - This is the first online-update on my diary...

Even that I didnt upload this diary before the 19/08/03 Ill put some few dates back in time here:

18/08/03 - The HAPS-crew took a new building in Aarhus - Bruuns Galleri!

16/08/03 - Hitched to Skaelskoer. Had a playing-job on Guldagergaard

15/08/03 - Homepage updated.

14/08/03 - Went back home to Gl.Gjesing

13-14/08/03 - Hitched to Grenaa to visit my mother ( and sister (

12/08/03 - Hitched to Copenhagen and met up with some old friends (Charlotte + Christine).

11/08/03 - Hitched to Skaelskoer. Played guitar in Cafe Bazaar - very nice place! (

10/08/03 - Hitched to Korsoer. Played guitar and violin outside Foetex.

09/08/03 - Hitched to Nyborg. Played in some bars and on the street.

07-08/08/03 - Visiting my good friend Thorkil (

05-07/08/03 - Went to Svendborg with a good guy from the gathering. Met by accedent some old friends (Fisserne) from Roskilde-festival. We had some great days! I also made some money on the street!

31/07/03 - 05/08/03 - Had a great time on a Danish buskergathering / Goeglertraef