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There is some good sites out there...

Worldwide (travel, currency etc.)

Hospitalityclub - Offer and get accommodation around the world!
CouchSurfing - Search and share an overnight couch around the world! - Kinda like HospitalityClub.
WWOOF - Work on organic farms around the world to get food and accommodation!
MitfahrGelegenheit - Search a ride. German page, but also trips outside Germany.
Google Earth - The earth in satellite photos! Download the program for free. - World Clock, country codes, calendar and more.
Google Translation - Translate a few words or - a whole website in seconds!. - Automatic translation for free. - Maps and directions all over the world.

Articles and facts - How does a television work? Check it here among many other articles.
W3Schools- CSS & HTML help - very convenient.
Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia - written by the users!
CIA's World Fact book - Facts about countries.
IMDb - Internet Movie Database - Search movies, actors, directors, photographers and much more!.


The free country - Free HTML Editors and WYSIWYG Web Editors.

Friends or family's pages - ThE danIsh ClOwn ArMY's offiCIaL hOMEpaGe. Da
Gorm's page - Its always changing - Take a look ones in a while sometimes he has some very interesting things there. - Climb your city!
Apollonia Film - Mr. Feifers Film-company. Da - Olli can cut your muic on vinyl! Gjesing Fritidsskole - My fathers school for disabled people. Da
Share your heart! - "What do we have on our hearts for the world?". It's not about conflict but about our hopes for the future.
Vincent Van Go Go - Do you know? - My brother and his family. Da

Websites I've made

Moyo wa Afrika - The homepage for the project I'm doing with Bue in Tanzania.! Da
Galleri Pysk - My mothers website showing the world her beautiful paintings. Da
Erik Riis' - The unique danish songwriter. Da
Ifakara Community Group - The homepage of ICG in Tanzania.