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Photos from India and Nepal

(February-June 2004)

  • Baga and Calangute in Goa where we were staying.
  • Pictures from the One Leg man and his family (in Baga-Goa).
  • Pics from the orphanage where Anna was working.
  • Pics of some people we thaught was friends... (In Katmandu Nepal)
  • Some sweet children who crossed my way in Katmandu Nepal.
  • Katmandu - Monkeytemple trip.
  • I met some boys who showed me around their neighbourhood in Katmandu.
  • Rose and I went on a short trip in some hills outside Katmandu.
  • Pics from Katmandu.
  • Or 2 K - A super restaurant in Katmandu.
  • Pics from Delhi and our meeting with the Sikk-family.
  • Pics from the road in India.