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Sounds and music

Mp3 Flugzeug - A recording I did with Olli in Berlin
(Arpil 2006)
Mp3 Som En Anden Prins - Anna and I made some funny experiment with layers and improvisation.
(Recorded April 06)

Mp3 Dungidung - Another funny sound play made with my sister (only...).
(Recorded April 06)

Mp3 Jyllingevej - Anna and me plays Kim Larsen
(Recorded December 05)
Mp3 Spillemanden - A Gasolin' lyric with an improvised melody. I'm playing with Jesper on harmonica
(Recorded December 05)
Mp3 Sasha - Russian song with a german lyric about the horses revenge on the cruel stable boy.
(Recorded December 05)
Mp3 Sylvesters drøm - A Kim Larsen song from 1971 around the time where he got his son Sylvester. (drøm means dream).
(Recorded December 05)


wmv Salsa Night Fever - Advertisement spot (61 MB - 2 min.)
The 15th of January 2006 on Europahøjskolen we had a Salsa night. The Communication-team should promote the event. Ericha and I made this film with help from many others as you can see.

wmv Betjent+Klovn - A film I made with the clown-army (
(Recorded September 05)

Tanzania 15. december 2005 - 14. march 2006

Diary - My diary from the trip with photo's.
Travelplan - Check out our travelplan for our 3 month in Tanzania.
Travelnotes - Here you can find facts and general practical notes from the road.
Packinglist - My (almost) complete packinglist.
Moyo wa Africa - The homepage Bue and I are making about the project which we are working on in Tanzania.

Subpages and documents

.txt Da My CV (Curriculum Vitae - Race of Life) - I'm offering my help as photographer.
Roskilde Statement 2005 Recordings - Recordings from Roskilde Festival (not there yet)
Da Gaardsang - This the a scratch...
My old page - its not available anymore. Several links is not working and things is to be edited. Im gonna put the pictures and diary on k82 when I have time.