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29/06/2007 - Gl.Gjesing, Denmark.

Back home. The last english update!

So we left you for some time. No sound diary. No diary update at all. Everybody (except from those with whom we had personal contact with) doesnt know anything since Marlies and I stopped writing and talking to my mp3-recorder. Is there a reason. We thaught about this and came to the conclusion that our idea about this trip changed when we left Greece. In Greece we were more devoted to the travel, trying to learn everything we could about the historical country. When we came to Italy we were on our way back home. We had some stops on the way - great places and people - but the feeling was different. Maybe thats why we didnt make any updates.

My ideas about this diary also had some drastic changes. I have since I started always bin unsure why I did it and now I´m at the point where I decided to stop it! That explains the headline. Im not sure what will be to find on in the future, but Im pretty sure that I'll leave all this diary somewhere available in an archive folder. I have enjoyed doing the page because it was a funny process to learn the html-codes. It was interesting to explore the possibilities of using the internet to broadcast whatever I felt like. The diary from India, Japan, Tanzania and also from this biketrip is also a pleasure for me to have in the archive as my personal diary.

I decided to stop because it need spirit. It needed my time. On this trip we tried to make the diary as a sound-version to make it easier for me to do the technical stuff, but it kind of got heavier because of the structure that I felt that I had to follow. I think the future page will be more simple. This page is actually pretty simple if you check the codes - compared to what it contains. This is the thing. Im making too many small htm-files and picture-folders and THAT makes it complicated. Maybe I should start using a program like Nvu (opensource wysiwyg-html-editor similar to Frontpage) to make my files instead. Those pragrams pakes a mess in the codes and it can also be visible for the perfectionists eye - thats my problem. I wonder if anyone made it so far in this text....

I think I'll just leave this now. I updated the last stuff from our trip (Check the handwritten travelplan!) and then I'll say goodbye. Oh bye the way. A major difference to the new page will probably be that it will be in my own language: Danish. Any objections?


13/05/2007 - Padova, Italy.


New update! Several soundfiles!

28/04/2007 - Meligalas, Greece.

1000 km

Okay we did 1000 km. We are on our way home. It will take some time though, but our average kilometers per day is getting up. Today we did 40 and we expect to do at least 20 more... Listen to the updates (in the rightcolumn).

21/04/2007 - Nafplio, Greece.


New soundupdate! (In the column to the right...)

10/04/2007 - Paros, Greece.

Updates from Paros

Marlies and me with our bikes in Athens.

Okay its not easy to find time and posibility to make these updates, but now I have the chance! Marlies and I are now on a WWOOF farm on the island Paros. Its a beautiful place on a mountain with the view to the valley, the sea and some other islands where the sun use to go down. Well for the english readers you can now also become listeners! We started recording the diary in english so that everybody can be with us. There has bin comments that we are speaking to much, but for those: You dont have to listen to it! Its also allowed to forward through it. We are just recording what we feel like. Its nice for us to have these things later in our life, you guys just gets a chance to listen to it...
Here is the updates. We recorded it in several clips to make them ust a little easier to digest. Its almost 37 min in total.
Rahes - 2. April 2007 Part I of IV 5min 21sec
(Our work in Sunshinehouse. Trip with kayak to Hiliadou.)

Rahes - 2. April 2007 Part II of IV 9min 48sec
(The munk. Left Sunshinehouse. Crossing the mountains back to Athens and Pireus.)

Rahes - 2. April 2007 Part III of IV 10min19sec
Boat to the island Ikaria. The storm. Shelter in Karavostamo.

Rahes - 2. April 2007 Part IV of IV 11min11sec
(Dinos and Rania in Rahes.)

16/03/2007 - Bourtzi, Evia, Greece.

An evening on the mountain of Acropolis. Now WOOFING on Evia

So we made it out of Athens. all the way on our beatifull bikes. In total only a little more than 100 km but it was nice to feel how it is to go a real dintance. We are now on the island Evia on a WOOF place. We did yoga, drank uzo and ate a lot of olive oil. Always olive oil! It great!
In Athens we had nice evening on the mountain of Acropolis. We went their with a new friend Alexandros, to find some caves or tunnels which should have their entrees from the rocks justr underneith Acropolis. People are telling us about a huge network of tunnels under the city. They should have bin build 3000 years BC so there is some funny misteries about them. We found some of the entries but they were now sealed with big metal doors. We had red-wine on the stairs but got invited by an old Greek guy to his small house. We got cheese and such greek snacks with the view over Athens and above us the mighty rocks and Parthenon the famous construction above us.

Pics from Sunshinehouse. Here (from left) Carys with Gaia, Takis, The munk, Kristen (me), Marlies and Kazuto.

10/03/2007 - Athens, Greece.

To the Athens center on bikes

Though everybody told us how impossible it would be going to the center of Athens by bicycles we didi it anyway! Actually we were forced to do it because with our bikes because it wasnt possible to take our trasnportation vehicles with the public transport (metro or bus). We went straight through, passing Acropolis on the way to our new home by another guy from Hospitalityclub. Here is another 4 minutes of diary:
Lyd-dagbog 9. Marts 2007

06/07/2007 - Varkiza, Greece.

On bicycle in Greece

Okay Marlies and I are now in Greece. We have our new shiny Diamant bikes with us from Berlin! Our plan is to bike around Greece for two maybe three months and then head for Italy (Still on bicycle...), Switzerland and then back home (STILL on bycycle...). I decided not to write diary on this trip as I used to. A note once in a while i guess, but instead Marlies and I will record some diary on sound which we will upload in mp3! Unfortunately Marlies learned to speak danish so we will be speaking danish... Sorry. The danes will hopefully like it :)

Here is 14 minutes recording frmo yesterday:
Lyd-dagbog 5. Marts 2007

Pictures will come later...

18/12/2006 - Kalø, Jylland, Denmark.

Kalø goodbye

I could write a lot about the four month that has passed on Europahøjskolen, but as I already used a lot of time on this update I will just leave you with this short link:

Europahøjskolen på kalø (August - December 2006).

I made a page with assignments in PDF, sounds and even video from the school. All the assignments is in Danish so those of you who dont understand danish - sorry... Actually Im thinking about stopping this thing about writing in english. I dont feel comfortable with it and I dont feel that so many people are reading it anyways. Well, we'll see...

Niels and Sabina sleeping in the bus on the way back home from Poland.

16/10/2006 - Kalø, Rønde, Jylland, Denmark.


The life here on the school is great. I like it. I like my classes. I enjoy living with Marlies on our 10 square meters. The last days Marlies have had first Antonia (with whom she was traveling in South America) and latest her sister Mareen who was here tuesday to sunday. We use to be very busy. The classes sometimes ends late in the afternoon and sometimes we even have classes after dinner. Above this time we have homework. Often I have to read articles for my two main subjects Communication and Politics.

The politic class

The politic classes is my favorite. Our teacher Johann is making these lessons so interesting. We have bin working with headlines as 'terror', 'september 11', 'Israel' 'Holocaust' and 'North Korea'. Though this is very present subjects Johann has brought the lectures wide in history to make us understand the present situations. We are only three students in the class which makes it even better. I feel so privileged.

Out of the 18 hours with our main subjects we have different projects and trips (see pictures). At last we have optional subjects. Marlies and I have had sport, music and math. This is mostly in the evening. Marlies is member of the bar-comity and I in the film-comity. We have a small cinema where we are responsible for showing movies every wednesday and friday.
So we don't have that much spare time, but anyway I'm doing this diary update... I guess its because I should do something else.

Pictures from the last weeks

  • We had two nice pics for dinner at the midwayparty
    14th october 2006

  • The two schools participated in harvesting the seasons vegetable.
    12th october 2006

  • Marlies and I were visiting the old castle - Kalø Slotsruin.
    30th september 2006

  • The two schools were visiting Friland.
    14th september 2006

  • After about 10 hours this guy is almost ready!

    All students, including the gangsters, were out to harvest vegetables.

    09/09/2006 - Europahøjskolen, Kalø, Denmark.


    I uploaded pics from the last weeks:

  • Cutting Mushrooms in our corridor (Ny Øst 1.)
    28th august 2006

  • Farmergames with the agriculture school

  • 31st august 2006
  • Århus Festuge show "Diva Darlings"

  • 1st september
  • My communication teacher got married in Århus.
    2nd september 2006

  • Two day trip in Jylland.
    6th september 2006

  • Marlies is getting ready for her shot in the 'farmergames' competition.

    26/08/2006 - Europahøjskolen på Kalø, Jylland, Denmark.

    The world-nations is gathered here

    Marlies and I started here on Europahøjskolen last thursday - the 17th. We are gathered here with 65 folk-high-school students and 40 people from the ecological agriculture school which is connected to the folk-high-school. Out of those 65 from our folk-high-school we are from 25 nations! Many people are here to learn danish (like Marlies). I'm having two main subjects: Communication and Politics. On the communication-line we will work with an understanding of the media-world - journalism and political spin. I think we'll be touching many areas and I find it very interesting already. Most of the time here has bin introducing of the school, the staff (kitchen-office-teachers-allround people) and us - the new students. We are gonna live here until christmas.
    In communication we got a small assignment to write about ourselves, how and why we ended up at Europahøjskolen.
    Read mine (in Danish) HERE .pdf Da

    Read about the folk high schools on Wikipedia HERE
    Check Europahøjskolen's homepage HERE

    16/08/2006 - Gl.Gjesing, Denmark.

    India update

    Since I changed the layout and moved my page to the diary and pictures from India has not bin possible to access. Now I used some time on a update! Pictures, diary, travelnotes. Start with the Diary HERE

    Street in north India close to Delhi

    11/08/2006 - Gl.Gjesing, Jylland, Denmark.

    Ceasefire Now!

    "Dear friends, Right now a tragedy is unfolding in the Middle East. Thousands of innocent civilians have been killed or wounded in the bombings in Lebanon, Palestine and Israel and the death toll is rising every day.

    If the US, Syria or Iran get involved, there is a chance of a catastrophic larger war.

    UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has called for an immediate ceasefire and the deployment of international troops to the Israel-Lebanon border, and been strongly supported by almost every world leader. This is the best proposal yet to stop the violence, but the US, the UK, and Israel have refused to accept it.

    I have just signed a petition calling on US President Bush, UK Prime Minister Blair, and Israeli Prime Minister Olmert to support Kofi Annan's proposal. If millions of people join this call, and we advertise our views in newspapers in the US, UK, and Israel, we can help pressure these leaders to stop the fighting."

    Sign up now - Click HERE!

    27/07/2006 - Gl.Gjesing, Jylland, Denmark.

    Exiting days

    Europa Højskolen

    Last friday, after I had a great evening/night editing "A Day in Ifakara" with some assitance from my old film-buddy Nikolaj Feifer, I went to visit Europa Højskolen on Kalø. A folk high school. I've read a bit about it in their folders, but went there to get a real impression. I'm really turned on this idea about starting in school again. The thought about hating getting up in the early in the morning, but doing it anyway. Learning things by reading and writing and discussing... This is a thought that I've almost bin scared of the last years, but now it feel right. The course I'm interested in is called Communication. It starts middle August and ends mid December. What is influencing Europe today in its development? What kind of instances makes the changes? And what they put most weight on: What is the media's role in this game? It is about journalism. Spin-doctors. And many other things that I dont know yet, but have an idea about. Maybe you can find more information on their homepage: Marlies is coming tomorrow and she's gonna visit the school friday. Maybe (hopefully) we'll both start on the school there. She would take the Danish language course. The school is combined with The Danish school for ecological agriculture. They are producing big parts of the eco-food for the two schools and 90% of what we are gonna eat is ecological. They produce their own heat and dig for their own water. They have sump-cleaning systems for the waste-water. As you can see on the map it is just next to the sea. They have sea-kayaks!
    There's so many things about this school. I have to go there!


    Well, after meeting the nice principal of the Europa High School I hitched direction Århus. On the way (in Rønde) I found a small shop where I got a new hat! A few weeks ago I lost my old one in a car hitchhiking... So I'm happy. I made it to Århus, found a city bike (free bikes - you put 20 kr, but get them back) and went to the far side of the big harbour. My old friend René was there with his friend surfing after a machine... Yes a machine. They brought this big motor with a 400 meter long rope which one brings out and when you give a signal a guy turns on the engine and then you have to be fast - get on the board and surf! It was great! I never tried something like this. In the beginning it was a bit difficult to get up, but I got it and I even felt god on the board. I hope I can put a video-shot of me on that board. René has got the video...

    Playing with Alexander

    Okay. The next evening I met with alexander (with small a). An old guy who I've bin playing with at nice occasions. He's a man with a huge personality and I really enjoy playing with him. He can learn me things about the groove! "The music has to be in your as" he says. Well, we went from pub to pub. Played a few songs and went around with our hats collecting "sallery". It is such a nice way to be out. Everybody wants to give you beers, you can enjoy the music and - you get money out of it. I went home with 277 kr - my half. Actually I slept in the car because I didn't feel safe driving home. Next morning I took a swim and went home to Gjesing where Im now working on my fathers school. We are having 12 disabled students for 8 days. We are making music video, singing songs and... Today we went canoeing.

    19/07/2006 - Gl. Gjesing, Denmark.

    Busy and unemployed

    Okay. For some reason it is easier to keep this thing updated while traveling. Maybe I feel that it is more important when I'm "out". But why? I'm making the whole thing in english, there's more than danes reading this.
    Well, I guess the reason is that I have bin busy (though I havn't really made any money...). I'll mention the highlights:
    Marlies came back from South America full of power and energy. We spend some great time here in Denmark and latest in Berlin. Around this time it is one year since we met eachother in Berlin. My life has begun to make some changes, but I'm so happy for what I'm getting into and I feel like tasting the future - with her. It's great!

    My film - "A Day in Ifakara"

    But what has taken the rest of my time has bin editing my Tanzania-film "A Day in Ifakara". I started doing the editing on my laptop in Copenhagen, but it broke down so now I'm ended up here at my fathers school, using one of his computers. The 25th of june I showed a 58 minute version to the Kilangoro members in a cinema at Christiania. They liked it. Since then I showed it to several friends in Copenhagen and Berlin. The 58 min version was not all completed so thats what I'm working on now. I'm expecting to make two versions: A long one (maybe 50 min) and a short one for selling to danish television - if they want to buy it... It can be difficult, but I think theres some good things coming out in this film for the danes to learn from.
    (I will also work on a web-version for this site).

    Click the picture to download a photo-collage with me.
    My sister Anna took the pictures 14/07/2006

    24/05/2006 - Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Nude action!

    Naked Lunch

    During the last week I've joined two demonstrations here in Copenhagen. When I got the SMS about the happening I got so exited that someone actually dared to do such action. A naked lunch right in the city heart. The activists was doing this to protect Ungdomshuset (The youth house) at Nørrebro which is having a hard time against the political injustice. If they take it away, where then, can we be naked?

    The improvised street-cafe even had games we could enjoy ourselves with.



    I have a dream to get my own mobile home - a big car or small bus. I like the life on the road. I would like to try living without too much stuff and what I have is with me. There's so many interesting places to visit around Europe.
    So, this is kind-of a plan, but these days I started thinking that I should settle down for a while. I'm feeling a bit root-less traveling around without really having time for getting involved 100%.
    I thought about a folk high school where I could get some more knowledge about the things that interests me. Like drama, photography, video, music making... dance? Maybe. Well, this is my thought.

    04/05/2006 - Copenhagen, Denmark.


    plattenschneide (updated with mp3 26/08/2006)

    Im back from Berlin today. Olli and I played some music but we could have done more if it wasnt because of his new project - meta cut plattenschneide. Check the homepage. They can put your music on real vinyl!!!
    You can listen to one of the songs we played. This is recorded as it is but I added some reverb afterwards. Listen to Flugzeug Mp3.

    Well his preparations took some time, so I had good time for myself. Played a bit on the streets, but it wasn't very good. I enjoyed some time for myself though. Im not good at giving myself time for just walking in my own thoughts.

    1. may - may day

    We went to a concert in a park. The weather was beautiful and we were sitting on the grass with our beers when the kids was running around in front of the stage. Berlin has its roomers being a war-zone during this day, but as we didnt felt like getting hit by home made bombs so I didnt witness this war. The punks and the police is getting to exited...


    On my way home today (hitching) I had some hours waiting for a planned ride. The sun was so nice at this little nature spot I found near the gasstation. I was lying there in my underwear (only) - sweating! The summer is HERE!!!!!!!

    29/03/2006 - Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Strange friday

    01.29 AM (night)

    Today I agreed with myself to do some playing in some bars. I've bin a lot by my self today. Ah.. Well, this morning I was working 4 hours helping a handicapped woman, but after that I was mostly just here. I talked in the phone, wrote an e-mail to my dear one (she's now in Equador). I had many thoughts that maybe I was getting changing. Maybe I couldnt do these things like I did before. I wanted to do some street-performance or just some-kinda public musical enjoyment. Now its past one. I returned from a very nice evening. Many free beers and money - free money (485 kr.) - I just played music and I enjoyed it. The difficult part is just to get your guitar on the back and go. Why is it so difficult?? Among others I met an old retired magician who gave me some tips - the entry is half of the show, he said. Catch the audience by your first words. Later I talked to a guy who did professional lightning on theaters. I never met someone who could speak so much about lightning - very fascinating! He was so keen on doing lightning with a few flashlights when I did my show. It was at pretty crowded bar just after I played my 2-4-5-6 songs. Nice guy. Hope we'll succeed doing some light-music jam on day.
    Tomorrow I'm going to Berlin. I want to visit that beautiful place. Im gonna play some music with Olli - he knows something about recording on vinyl for very chea price. See ya!

    16/04/2006 - Copenhagen, Denmark

    Back home

    Today it's one month since Bue and I landed in Copenhagen. The big cultural differences felt so strong the first days. I remember how it almost could feel stressing the way people talk to eachother here. Opinions about everything is being exchanged constantly, with passion and feelings. In Tanzania this was very rare. Maybe because we were white and people just have some general respect because of that, but we didnt feel that people really had that many ideas about things or the lust for telling them.
    Well, there can be many reasons for that. Im started to feel at home again though I have bin very busy. Actually I just realized now that from tomorrow when my sister who is visiting me here returns home I'll have time. I'll have my own time! The first two weekends after we came home I had courses on my fathers school Gjesing Fritidsskole where him and I was teaching our mental disabled friends about Kim Larsen - my big idol who's songs I've played for about 10 years now. After that I had my japanese friend and (fake) sister visiting for a few days. Just now I came from a 6 days folk music gathering, ROD, for young people on Fyn. We had such a great time there and I dont think I played my violin that much since my school days - it was great!

    Thorkil's new Frida

    After the folk gathering I hitched to Als - a small island on the south close to the German border. My old friend Thorkil lives there with his girlfriend Chista and their newborn Frida. Wow! A baby. A real little! I havn't had anyone so close to me as Thorkil who got a child, so this was really interesting. It felt so close - it could have bin me! I'm so happy for them, but I must say that is is way to early for my to do the same. Think I need to settle down a bit before...

    Recording with Anna

    Now after I'm in Copenhagen and Anna is visiting me. We had a great day yesterday where we recorded some sound-impro-music-thing. Do you know those drawings where you make a person without knowing what the other person did, but you have to continue the drawing. Well, we made this track like that. Five tracks each. Listening to the previous tracks while recording a new one on a new layer. In the end we used some time on editing the mess. Listen it got pretty funny. Som En Anden Prins Mp3. For the non danish speaking I can tell you that the lyric is about some guy who is walking through a fairytale with princess' castles and so on...

    Diary from Tanzania can be found HERE

    14/12/2005 - Copenhagen

    Last note from Denmark

    Within three hours I'll be sitting in the airplane with Bue on the way to Tanzania!
    I just finished the ned look of this site. I'll continue writing on this diary and put the pictures here as well. On are Bue gonna write articles and Ill put pictures, but I guess there will be more pictures available on this page, but I dont know how the possibilities will be for updating - we'll see.

    As I wrote earlier I've bin to Switzerland. I was visiting Marlies and working on an organic farm. Marlies and I had such a great time I think - Im happy she pulled me down there. Some days we were eating lunch outside and some days we had snow. We had snow-ball fights and we climbed the biggest mountain peak any of us had done before - I think it was 2500 meters.You can see some of my pictures from Switzerland HERE.


    After the trip we spend a few days in Berlin and then we went to Denmark visiting my family saying goodbye. Yesterday I waved goodbye to Marlies - she went back home to Berlin. Its hard being young and independent... We are not gonna see eachother before june because she is going to south-america from january. Its gonna be a tough time, but I think we'll do fine.
    Goodbye danes - Im leaving for the airport!!!

    10/11/2005 - My room, 2nd floor on the left, Bergthorasgade 8, Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe, Earth, Galaxy


    Hi! The plans is:

  • Sunday - moving my stuff to the loft. (Only what Tobias is not borrowing while Im gone).
  • Monday - Hitching to Switzerland to see my Marlies. She is there for some time wwoofing in the mountains. Its gonna be great seeing her there, swimming in the lake or whatever we'll enjoy ourselves with..
  • Start of December - Maybe visiting Berlin on the way back from Swiz.
  • 14th December - Catching the airplane to Tanzania with Bue. We are going to stay for 3 month.
  • When we come home in the middle of March, Bue and I are going to edit the recordings from TZ and do some lectures about the trip.
  • April-May - Buying a van- mobilehome in Germany-Berlin. I'll move to Berlin in the van/minibus/truck.

  • he he - thats the plans! Sounds good to me....

    31/10/2005 - Copenhagen, Denmark


    After a long time doing this page with a few lines ones in a while and almost without any photographs though I am shooting a lot with my "new" Canon EOS 300D (digital reflex camera) I have now put up some slideshows.
    With this php-template which is lying under the surface of the slideshow I'm able to put up pictures very easily. The only thing it needs is an overview with thumbnails, but I'm working on it...

  • Pictures from my trip with "The Crazyones" (De Splittergale) in Hungary and Romania.
  • Pictures from a concert by the gypsygroup Romano Suno from Hungary. They did a great performance here ot Christiania last thursday.
  • Exploring an old factory in Berlin.
  • Pics from The (danish) Clown army visiting Aarhus.
  • 12/10/2005 - Copenhagen, Denmark

    Update from Cph

    Im home - in Copenhagen. Im here until tomorrow, then Im going back to my fathers place in Gl.Gjesing to make music-curse with the handicapped. After the weekend I'll go a few days to wonderful Berlin and Marlies.

    7/10/2005 - Gl. Gjesing, Denmark


    I spend lots of time the last days on the homepage 'Moyo wa Afrika' is the name Bue and I found for our project that we are gonna do in Tanzania (Read about it on the page). As it looks right now are we leaving Denmark the 15th December (2005) from CPH and we are gonna stay for about 3 month.

    A guy from a small local newspaper close to where i leve just called me for the correct spelling of my name because they are gonna use one of my photographs on the fronpage. Ha ha - its very nice!!

    Everything is actually very nice at the time. I just had my beautiful Marlies visiting from Berlin. We have bin riding the horses by our neighbours down the street here in Gjesing. This is the town where I grew up. There's about 16 houses and 6 dogs including Buller - our baby. Well, Marlies has bin riding race horses for 5 years so she knew all about those creatures. For some reason, I have never bin down asking them for a ride before. I only rode a horse once 8 years ago so this was a big day!

    Marlies went home yesterday morning. She hitched from Århus to Berlin in 9 hours. She left me ...with my computer and came to life!

    19/09/2005 - Gl.Gjesing, Denmark

    Caught such a beautiful fish!

    WOw! I left you for so long while all the good stories are being created. I'll make it very short:
    I went with Marlies to Sweden were we caught a big fish (ok, we tried to..) and took some awesome swims and made food in the fire. We had a great time. She went back to Berlin.
    The Danish Clown Army has developed fast. There has bin 5000 visitors on the homepage ( and the army has done great missions, but still it has bin hard to give people a clear answer to what the clown-army is.
    I went to Christiania and with some friends we made a short, 2 min, clown-film.
    In these days Im taking care of my daddy's house in Jylland. I got three clown-brothers on visit and we have bin sharing many good ideas and got some inspiration from the english clown-army. The talking has made it a lot more clear what the army stands for. Its something like: Peace, dissimilarity and justice spoken with happiness and innocence.
    Im going back to Cph. to the birthday in the weekend.

    02/09/2005 - Berlin, Germany

    The crazies in Hungary and Romania

    On the 20th of august we were 16 people leaving Aarhus (Denmark) in a 60 person bus direction Hungary and Romania. The group, which does music and juggling performances, is called (in Danish:) "De Splittergale" which is translated to "The Crazy-ones" (not a very good translation..). The group was first joined 15 years ago on the mental institution in Aarhus, but they alow people from "outside" to play with them (like me..).
    Ill here make a schedule of the days on the road:

    Sat 20/8

    Drove to Schweinfurt, Germany. Made a show on the street in Flensburg on the way.

    Sun 21/8

    Drove to Kecskemet, Hungary. Slept in an orfenich

    Mon 22/8

    Made a show for the children in the orphanich in Kecskemet.

    Drove to Gilau outside Cjuj, Romania where we slept for two nights.

    Tue 23/8

    Made a show in a prison in Cluj and later one for the gypsy-kids by Prison Fellowship orphanich who were our hosts in Cluj.

    Wed 24/8

    Drove to Gornesti, Romania. Played with the gypsies and slept in small groups with the gypsy-families.

    Thu 25/8

    Drove to Satoraljaujhely (Ujhey), Hungary. We stayed here in a guesthouse out of the city for the last three nights.

    Fri 26/8

    Made two shows in Ujhey for some old people. In the evening we played and had fun with the gypsies.

    Sat 27/8

    Made three shows. I chose to take some photographs during the two shows to get some full documentary of the trip. The last show was in the gypsy-village.

    Sun 28/8

    13:00 Started the journey back to Denmark.

    Mon 29/8

    Early morning at 5:15 I got dropped of the bus in Berlin and picked up by my sweet Marlies!

    Ill put up the pictures I took and write some more about the trip soon...

    18/08/2005 - Aarhus, Denmark

    Saml en klovnehær nu!!! - Make a clown-army now!!!!

    Help the world smiling - make clown-armies now. Here in Denmark we clowns has started to join in protest of the Christiania enemies.
    For the Danes - click HERE!

    30/07/2005 - Berlin and Silverlake City, Germany (12/08/2005 - Copenhagen)

    Hidden parties

    I left the writing for a while. This doesnt mean that nothing happened. I simply havent had time for writing og checking mail.
    This story started on wednesday the 27th of july. I had a great day of basking (with Marlies' guitar) around the streets in the north-west Berlin. I didnt make more than 12 Euro on perhaps 4-5 hours, but I had a good time. After a lot of thoughts which party I should go to; the jam with the people from Les Alcolites who I met at Suppa Molli or the HospitalityClub-meeting in Spandau (west of Berlin). I chose the H.C. meeting to see what kind of people is actually using this great page. It was a pretty strange meeting for me, to meet all these web/travel-freaks (as myself) and I had some nice chats, but the party stopped when the last train went to Berlin (yes I know, Spandau is Berlin, but it seems far away...). Well, I didnt feel like stopping the party at midnight so I went to the other party where the crazy music was going on. I found the address allright (near Frankfurter Allee), but there were no signs of music nor a party going on.. I was looking at some posters on the wall when suddenly a man came out of a hidden door between them. I went inside the dark, found another door and HERE, here was the party! Inside the back there were people sitting chatting everywhere. There were a few trees with coloured lamps. The band had finished but I met some very nice people. They told me that Berlin has lots of underground-places like this. Its illegal and they cannot make advertisement, but the mouth to mouth method seems to work perfectly, and the city is big enough for people to come (Berlin population: about 3,5 million).
    I came late, so the party died out and I went to the parallel street where I heard there should be some kind of anarchist-bar in a basement under the sidewalk. I found it, but it was closed already, but there were still people sitting around in old furniture and their dogs (theres so many dogs in this city). I started talking to this german guy who walked by. He spoke fluently Danish and had bin living in Copenhagen for some years. Such a great guy! He told me about this top secret art-gathering that he was going to the next day (it was getting morning so he ment in 6 hours). It was a small festival which had bin going on 3 years, but it has got to big last year so this year they officially cancelled the festival, but they didnt. They made a new name, changed the location and made a secret date, but knew that people was gonna show up anyway. I liked his talk about this place so much so I went home, (Marlies' place) packed my stuff and went with Olli and his writer-friend in a beautiful old car board in London. A taxi with yellow sign on the roof.
    Michael Jackson was in these days thinking of buying an old tourist-town north of Berlin called SilverLake City. A whole village in western-style, but it has bin left empty for the past years. The festival was not in this town, but in the area just beside it. This had bin some kind of after-school with small sheds by the beautiful lake. It was so nice to see all the german hippies coming in big trucks or busses that could do long adventures. This is my dreamcar! I have to get one one day. Build it exactly the way I want, with kitchen and terrace on the roof...
    Well, we had some great days. Olli and I played Tom Waits tunes - he did them so well, and he played in A minor which I love jamming on the violin.
    On saturday I got picked up by Marlies and her friend and went to Berlin. It was so nice seeing her again!

    27/07/2005 - Berlin, Germany

    A few backpacker tips for Berlin

  • A Döner Kebab costs between 1 and 2,5 Euro. (2 Euro is normal cheap)
  • Internet doesn´t have to cost you more than 50 EuroCent pr/hour, but thats only few places. Don't pay more than 1 Euro.
  • The public traffic - U-Bahn, S-Bahn, Metro Bus+Tram can all be used on the same ticket. A one-way ticket costs you about 2 Euro, but in this city you can't walk the distances and you'll have to go more than ones, so buying a Dayticket or "Targes Karte" for 5,60 is the cheapest. You can use this ticket until 3 o'clock in the morning as much as you like.
    Ofcoarse you don't have to buy ticket at all, but there will always be a risk. The controllers in the train are sometimes civil-dressed so you have no chance to escape. There is some examples of very unfair treatment on people without ticket, but I dont think you should worry to much - worrying is never a good thing. Well, I havn't board the DayTicket everyday and I didn't lose any big amount - yet.. People told me that it should be easier to go by bus on an old ticket, because the bus driver is not paying any attention and would see your trick.. I'll try it out..
  • HospitalityClub should be mentioned (again). If you wanna stay cheap - check it out!
  • Berlin is full of empty houses and possibilities to stay for free. Ask someone in one of the old squats if they have a guest-room for you or just go to the park- there's plenty!
  • If you really wants to pay money to avoid the hassle you could go to Pegasus Hostel. It costs 13 Euro pr. night in a dorm.
  • If you wanna do basking (street-performance) you should know that the subway system have certain rules. It costs about 6 or 7 Euro for a whole-day-permission, to play music in the underground. I played there a few times without the permission, but got thrown away pretty fast, but I didnt get a fine and they were actually very nice these people.
  • 26/07/2005 - Berlin, Germany

    Arcanoa - Die Bar mit dem Fluss im Tresen

    Monday (yesterday). I thought that monday was relaxing day and there would be no spass, but I found this place called Arcanoa (close to U-Bhf Platz der Luftbrücke) where there were 'open stage'. Some latino-guys were practicing there repertoire and I joined them on my Xaphoon after eating a sausage with ryebread and fat - special german dish, she said...
    Also this place was very beautiful decorated with all kinds of artwork. The bardesk (what is it called in English... hmm) had a small river (Fluss) going all the way down the table. (Yes- I got my shirt wheat many times).
    There were people telling poems and people playing folk songs in german, spanish and danish - yes that was me. I borrowed a guitar.
    Well, go to this place all'so if you come around Berlin. They all'so have a small cinema where they are showing experimental films... Arcanoas homepage

    25/07/2005 - Berlin, Germany

    Supamolly and crazy jam!

    Hi. Im now staying all by my self in Marlies apartment, it is so nice of her. Mr. Hjort went back to DK. He had to go to a festival in Sweden though he really wanted to stay.
    Beside from many other nice explorations, I found this place called Supamolly. I found their flyer somewhere and went there on friday to hear the Gipsy Swing band Le Alcolytes - it was so great.
    Supamolly was originally a squatted place 16 years ago, but now, as many other squatted places here, it is called a "houseproject" and they pay some small rent. It is a very alternative place with such an original trashy decoration inside that makes the nicest vibes when one drinks his Berliner Pilsen.
    Yesterday I was there again to go for the jam-session (I brought my violin and my xaphoon). There were everything needed for a good jam. So many crazy musicians who plays for the fun, for the pleasure and for the trance that we got in playing the music, it was so nice. I got home this morning around 6 o´clock.
    If you guys come to Berlin one day you should stop by Supamolly (<- click for homepage)

    21/07/2005 - Berlin, Germany

    My kind of town!

    Hello everybody! Im in Berlin these days - such a great place! I have bin staying different places by friendly people from the HospitalityClub and now in the home of a sweet girl I met in Mauer park the evening I came here. I think Im gonna stay for the rest of this month.
    I came here in the first place, when I heard that my good friend Mr. Hjort was in Berlin. I couldnt get in contact with him though, but by a crazy coincident we ran into eachother at the trainstation. We have had VIEL SPASS. The city is so full of opportunities and everything seems to be possible here.
    There is so many empty factories and houses around the town. Yesterday Mr.Hjort and I did some great adventures in one of them and we are on our way to a new building.
    Viel spass!