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på Kalø

(August-December 2006)

During the Autumn 2006 Marlies and I were spending time on a Danish Folk Highschool. Marlies was learned Danish (Im very proud of her progress) and I had politic and communication courses. I also got a lot out of my time at Europahøjskolen on Kalø. i Really enjoyed going to school and I think I learned a lot.

Video and sound.

WMV Salsa Night Fever - Advertisement spot (61 MB - 2 min.)
The 15th of January we arranged a Salsa party which the Communication-team should promote. Ericha and I made this film with help from many others as you can see. (Marlies is the first one who's joining the dance...)

Mp3 Warsaw sound impressions - 10th November (15 MB)
On our trip to Warsaw I did recordings and pictures which I collected in a slideshow. The file is to big so I only give you the sound-track.

Mp3 Im a photographer - 20th November
A very strange song. We are trying to sing it an evening in The Princess Corridor. Its no. 173 in the new Højskolesangbog - 18th edition.

Mp3 Den Danske Sang - 20th november
No. 162 in the Folk High School book sung in Prinsessegangen.

Pictures from different events.
Students, teachers and staff at the Kalø-schools 2006.
(2,9 MB JPEG file)
Trip to Warsaw, Poland.
First week of november 2006

14th october 2006

12th october 2006

The old castle - Kalø Slotsruin.
30th september 2006

Visiting Friland.
14th september 2006

Two day trip in Jylland.
6th september 2006

Shas Burma-show.
2nd of September 2006

My communication teacher got married.
2nd september 2006

Århus Festuge show "Diva Darlings"
1st september

31st august 2006

Cutting mushrooms.
28th august 2006

Some writings I've done at the school (All in Danish!)

PDF School Council summaries
All corridors at the two schools had a representative. I went for our corridor (New East 1st). At the meetings every monday I also did the summary which was taken further back to the corridors and to the staff meetings.

PDF Sha og Burma (28. November)
I Politik fik vi fra starten en "større" opgave med et tema vi selv valgte. Jeg brugte meget tid på denne opgave og er stolt ever resultatet. Læs den!

PDF En vigtig del af min udvikling (23. August)
En opgave i Kommunikation hvor vi skulle beskrive vores forventninger til højskoleopholdet.

PDF Todages tur i Jylland (1. September)
Højskolen var på tur rundt i jylland. På Kommunikationslinjen lavede vi denne folder.

PDF Fanget nøgne. (9. September)
Kommunikation. Udfra Syndefaldet i Bibelen skulle vi skrive en moderne artikel som den kunne læses i dagens avis.

PDF Euroen er yt. (28. September)
En brainstorm i Kommunikation over "Europa" endte med at Thore og jeg skrev denne artikel.

PDF Studietur - en succes! (21. November)
Efter studieturene til henholdsvis Warszawa og København skulle vi i Kommunikation interviewe en anden fra holdet om turen.

Other things...

PDF Film Calendar
I was in the Cinema Committee. In the beginning we had problems with the use of the small cinema we had at the school, but with this film calendar we got some control. It worked pretty good.