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Hi everybody

Welcome to my page!

This page mirrors my interests in traveling, taking photographs and of course creating homepages.

The diary

Most of the written content of this page is in my diary.
I want to be able to go back and see what I did - especially to have a product after my travels. A presentation for me and who'ever is interested.
In the beginning I wasnt very sure of the contents personal limits, but I've found out that a diary like this should not contain personal stuff - I'll save you for that.

The language

I'm danish. I speak danish. My site is in english. Why???
I want to make it possible for everybody to hear my stories.
When traveling I give the address, to my new friends so we have a chance to keep in contact, even without writing all the time.
Also I enjoy to feel that my english is being improved or at least maintained doing this page.

Enjoy my site!

Kristen - march 2006